We are often asked if we guarantee the elimination of weeds. There was a time when we had stronger products that would indeed eliminate most weeds with one treatment, but even then, I was always reluctant to use the word "guarantee". The simple fact of the matter is that we rely on you, the homeowner, to also do your part with the health of your lawn. The healthier your lawn, the more receptive it will be to the current products that we are able to use. When turf is neglected of vital things such as proper watering and mowing habits, then the products are less effective. Therefore, lawn care is a team effort –you and us! Of course, along with our timely applications, we will provide recommendations and feedback throughout the season to help you attain the common goal we share.

Please understand that controlling weeds is not like the old pesticide days. Some weeds are more resistant than others to the natural products that are currently available and may take several treatments to control. Today, controlling weeds is more of a process and we appreciate your patience in this matter. Although our lawn care programs will provide results and improvement after each treatment, badly infested lawns will require extra treatments. If you are looking for quicker results, you can tailor the program to suit your immediate needs by setting up a service call with our office.

What I can guarantee is that together we can make your landscape look its best and I am confident that you will join our evergrowing list of satisfied, year after year, return customers.

Ruben Rossi